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  • Rosters have a max of 8 players
  • Each team: 1 match/wk – 6 wks
  • Season 6 weeks long


  •   Men
  •   Women
  •   Co-ed

Youth (Age Chart at bottom of page)

  • Boys: U-14, U-12, U-10, U8
  • Girls: U-14, U-12, U-10, U8


  • Our U-8 division will be co-ed and split into divisions according to the demand.


ADULT LEAGUE                    Over 18 Years Old                 $160 per team

YOUTH LEAGUE                    Under 18 Years Old              $220 per team

 Registration Information

  • Fees are to be paid in advance to Gerardo Flores (cash or checks made out to Project Footy, LLC)
  • Registration will close November 29th
  • Play will begin the week of December 1st
  • Please register your team below
  • Need a team? Click here Individual Registration 
  • Click here for Player Waiver form

 Game Schedule

(Game days and times are subject to change)














First Game: 5:30 - Last Game: 9:00

First Game: 5:30 - Last Game: 8:15

Team Registration

This team is made up of:

INFORMED CONSENT: I agree to participate in Footy’s World of Soccer Futsal League, (hereafter referred to as Project Footy, LLC). I recognize that participating in Futsal is not without varying degrees of risk to musculoskeletal and/or cardio respiratory systems. I hereby certify that I know of no medical problems that would increase my risk of illness and injury as a result of participation in the Futsal League designed by Project Footy, LLC. I understand and have been informed that there exists the possibility of adverse changes during Futsal play. I have been informed that these changes could include abnormal blood pressure, fainting, and disorder of heart rhythm, bodily injury, and very rare instances of heart attack or even death. I agree to waive, release, remise and discharge Project Footy, LLC and its agents, officers, members and employees of any and all claims, demands, actions or damages of any kind resulting from participation in Project Footy, LLC. The undersigned hereby releases Project Footy, LLC as well as waives any and all claims and understands and assumes any and all risk with participation in the Futsal League.


  • Nicholson Gym, Daphne, AL. 



Footy's World of Soccer

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